Simon Gibbs

Film and Video Editor

Ian Boldsworth

“From the moment Simon came on board with The ParaPod Movie I’ve been consistently impressed and staggered at his work ethic. He has an intuitive attention to detail which goes not just for his pro-active approach, but also in listening and responding to my notes on often non-linear and random footage. His natural abilities in making a silk purse from a sow’s ear are nothing short of exceptional.”

Ian Boldsworth (IMDB) – Worked together on ‘The ParaPod Movie

Chris Weitz

“Simon was kind enough to work, with incredible diligence and follow-up, on a” (passion project). “In the process, he displayed an amazing array of skills – not just the technical mastery of various formats and digital media but vfx and narrative editing. I consider myself very lucky to have had a chance to work with him.”

Chris Weitz (IMDB) – Worked together on a personal passion project

Mark Corden

“Simon edited ‘Not Again Lily’ under extreme time and creative pressures in a very professional and engaging way. He brought great ideas to the table and was able to take direction well.”

Mark Corden (IMDB) – Worked together on ‘Not Again Lily’

Louis Brough

“Simon is a very well organised and resourceful editor who works quickly and efficiently to try different ways of piecing together a scene and presented them to me for review within a tight deadline. He was happy to offer advice to best help the team and wasn’t afraid to step in and say that something wasn’t working. He knows his chosen software inside and out, I have no problem recommending him and would love to work with him again.”

Louis Brough (IMDB) – Worked together on “The Knot” & “Dark Circus – Nowhere to Go”