Simon Gibbs

Film and Video Editor

The ParaPod Movie


1×105 minutes (Rated 15)
Directed by Ian Boldsworth


The ParaPod Movie is a feature that follows Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds as they travel across the UK in a hunt for ghostly going-ons. I covered multiple roles across the film’s production, but was primarily known as The Editor. I also worked on some VFX, graphics, colouring and more.

The film was edited on Adobe Premiere at my home studio in Nottinghamshire.

It premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on January 7th 2020 and follows a tour across the UK.

Sample Scenes

(Scenes are for sample purposes only and not for redistribution or download – request for password if needed)


  • Chortle 4/5*
    “…a film that offers shocks, chills, laughs and a hot take on human nature”
  • Higgypop
    “…well-paced, gripping, and brilliantly scored…”
  • Richard Herring
    “…a beautiful relationship of blind faith crashing against logical scepticism…”



I edited the trailes for The ParaPod Movie and they each have their own section.

Deep Foundations


1×6 minutes
Directed by IMM

IMM is a charity that believes in passing the christian message to people located around the world in mining communities. For this film I was invited to travel to Ethiopia and film the experiences of Vicky Yorke as she met with pastors and churches in the south of the country.

As well as the edit I did audio, colour correction, titles and voice over work.

The final film was burned onto DVD and given out to members at an IMM international conference.

A large portion of the footage was filmed on an iPhone 8 Plus using filmic pro.

Sample clips



Ethiopia 2005, Video #1


Back in 2005 I spent three months in Ethiopia helping on a charity project. I was filming clips of my experiences and wanted to share them with my family.

I had a windows laptop with a copy of Windows Movie Maker. Using this I pieced together the footage I had, using music to make these short music videos. This was the first one I ever did, and shows my first ever experience of editing a video.

It was eventually joined with a six others over the month of February making a thirty minute long video. This was burned on to VCD and sent home to my parents as a surprise. It was immediately shown to friends and members of their church who were supporting me.

This video will always be special to me, while I didn’t dive deeper into editing for many years after this, it shows where my initial interest began.