Simon Gibbs

Film and Video Editor

Mike Shinoda – One More Light (Live)


This project was a personal piece of work and is non-commercial or officially endorsed.

In London at the Roundhouse, Mike Shinoda did a special performance of a song from Linkin Park. This song held special significance to fans and caused an intensely emotional moment.

I filmed a clip from my phone of this moment and once home searched for others who did the same. I then synchronised the footage and did a quick edit. I forwarded the footage to Mike Shinoda’s management and their reaction was extremely positive. They encouraged me to upload and put the footage public.

Mike Shinoda tweeted the footage himself and it was written about in a Kerang Magazine article. To this date the video has been watched over a million times.


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Ethiopia 2005, Video #1


Back in 2005 I spent three months in Ethiopia helping on a charity project. I was filming clips of my experiences and wanted to share them with my family.

I had a windows laptop with a copy of Windows Movie Maker. Using this I pieced together the footage I had, using music to make these short music videos. This was the first one I ever did, and shows my first ever experience of editing a video.

It was eventually joined with a six others over the month of February making a thirty minute long video. This was burned on to VCD and sent home to my parents as a surprise. It was immediately shown to friends and members of their church who were supporting me.

This video will always be special to me, while I didn’t dive deeper into editing for many years after this, it shows where my initial interest began.