Simon Gibbs

Film and Video Editor

Imogen Heap – Creative Passport Improv Promo

Release date Monday, August 17th, 2020


1×1 minute
Directed by Simon Gibbs

This promo was to promote Imogen Heap’s Improvisations that she was performing during the lockdown period of 2020. The idea was to raise money for the Creative Passport, a new system designed to help join musicians with their royalties. To do this fans were able to submit requests along with a £100 donation to get one of Imogen Heap’s songs dedicated to themselves or a friend, or alternatively £500 which would get a cover.

Fans were also encouraged to participate in other ways, such as chats, jams and sending lyric fragments, which resulted in some funny and emotionally powerful moments. Much of the time was spent seeing Imogen create new song ideas in improvisations.

Built from the webstream, the promo’s idea was to capture some of these moments and was requested by Imogen herself. The deal for the promo was to do a personalised cover, which for a fan is priceless.


Use on Social Media

The video was used in a few different places on Imogen Heap’s social media channels such as:

It was also used on the stories feature for Imogen Heap and other artists she was covering, such as Caroline Polachek.