Simon Gibbs

Film and Video Editor

The Knot

Release date Saturday, April 27th, 2019


1×3 minutes
Directed by Louis Brough

The Knot was a short horror film created for ‘FIVE/24 2019 24HR Film Challenge’ in an intense day. I arrived on set to cold and wet conditions and sat in my car as footage started to arrive. From there I started to sync the audio and organise the footage ready for editing.

Due to the conditions and some of the inexperience on set, the cameras were not recording audio and due to the rain there was often no slate used. This meant trying to sync the footage and audio together was a challenge and often required manual work as the wind stopped many of the automatic tools from working.

Once in a warm location, with all footage shot, the edit started in earnest. Pav Gekko was in charge of sound and it still amazes me what he managed to achieve based on what was recorded on set. Truly superb.